Sweet child write what’s in your heart

In my heart?

Yes, write what you feel?

What if I feel two things? Two things that are the opposite of one another?

Write Child

Your hand fit perfectly in mine

Now they fit into someone else’s

I loved to make you laugh

I can’t even make myself laugh right now

We could talk for hours

I haven’t spoken to you in god knows how long

The sight of you used to excite me

Now it just hurts

You don’t notice when I’m around anymore

Your words were once warm now they’re cold

I miss you is followed by silence

I miss you is followed by; I know you’re doing fine

I miss more than what I’ve listed

I miss the smile, the kisses, the hugs, the girl in my corner

I miss knowing … you

I miss the days when I though you were the one

I simply miss you

Do you see?

Do you see what’s in your heart?


You don’t feel two different things,

Love is strong and Love, well its painful

Right now Pain is what you have to feel

Because if you don’t feel it it isn’t love

Pain is what makes you stronger

Pain is what makes your love grow

Pain is Love and Love is pain

Cry if you must because thats love, thats pain, and they’re the same child