Roses πŸ₯€

Another set of head lights

Maybe its her

It isn’t

Radio station after radio station

None of these songs sound the same

An empty passenger side

His hand reaching for hers

Another empty bottle

He’s been having trouble sleeping

“I miss you”

She’s been having trouble sleeping

Another empty glass

Her hand reaching for his

Theres no one beside her

Somehow the conversation isn’t the same

Subject after subject

Its never him

“I miss you”

She doesn’t say it

“I love you”

He doesn’t say it

He wants her to say it

She knows he does

He’s sad again

She’s sad again

“I miss you”

They both know, they’re both sad

He hopes this is temporary

She hopes he knows she still loves him

He hopes she still loves him

She hopes he still loves her

He loves her

She loves him

He hopes this is temporary

She hopes

“I miss you”

Neither one of them hits send

Another empty bottle, because he’s been having trouble sleeping