Faith 🕌🕍⛪️

Imagine reading a book with a bunch of teachings in it. Imagine thinking that this book was passed down from a higher power. Now imagine living your life observing these teachings. Oh and by the way these teachings are hundreds of years old with a lot of grey areas and contradictions. 

I grew up in a Muslim household with a Muslim family. I went to Arabic school on Sundays and periodically did the whole praying 5 times a day and I even fasted during Ramadan. Now I think as some people get older they somewhat fall out of religion. Like for example, Christians and Catholics who only attend church for Christmas, and Easter. I understand that, religion is kind of a huge commitment. 

Recently I had a conversation with a very dear friend in which I told her that I believed in god. Her response was silence because she thought I was an atheist. I do believe in god, but I don’t believe in organized religion. What I’m about to say isn’t some sort of defining moment. Religion has killed more people than it’s saved. Christians and Muslims waged war on one another for centuries! The Spanish killed and ensalved millions of Native Americans in the name of the church. Muslims flew planes into buildings killing thousands. A group of Hindus blew up a mosque in India.  All in the name of god. All because these people have a twisted grasp of religion. 

I had the great fortune of studying religion at McMaster. One of the best schools for religion. I remember taking an Islam 101 class and walking out after hearing some of the hateful things said about the LGBTQ community. I ended up dropping that class, the people in it were definitely the worst kinds of people. I say that because many of them would share the library with me, I saw the way they behaved. The way they conducted themselves. I didn’t agree with it. I remember being at an open mic night and a very cute couple got engaged. People walked out because the two lovely gentlemen kissed on stage. I worked at a bar for a year. One of the best things is you get a lot of swag and I’d wear it, much to the shargrin of some of my Muslim friends. It might seem like I’m picking on Islam her but I’m not. It’s just what’s most relevant in my life. 

I’ve read the Bible. I’ve read most of the Quran, I’ve read the Torah, the Vedas and a whole bunch of other things. I’m no expert and yes some of the things I read are kinda scary, and I don’t agree with all of it. Again what I’m going to say is no secret, religion is full of contradictory statements. It relies so much on our interpretation. I’ve grown very weary of how people hate religion. It’s easy to hate something if you don’t understand it. Religion is meant to bring people together, foster love, and give people something to strive for. 

Killing in the name of god is ridiculous. Hating because god “hates” a group of people is asinine. So why did I bother to write on this subject? Religion is something that will never go away but it’s about time that people see that it’s taken way to many lives. It’s time for people to educate themselves and see how the people doing the killing are yes a part of that religion but they’re misguided, misinformed and plain and simple just fucking crazy.