The Runway 🛫

It’s a night like none other
Full of Ghouls and Goblins
There’s even some snow
Everyday of October has been a surprise
That I can’t deny
Tonight though I have something I need to share
It consumes me
I say the words over and over again

It’s a night like none other
Full of Witches and Mermaids
Everyone pretending to be something their not
Hiding behind masks
But then there’s you
No mask, no costume, no ghouls, goblins, witches or mermaids
Just you
Hair a mix of blonde and brown
A smile that masks the battle inside
Eyes the sweetest shade of brown

In a room full of monsters and fairy tale creatures

Its like its just me and you

Tonight I can feel the words in the pit of my stomach

I say them over and over again

It consumes me

I think about how you’ve become the sunrise to my once dark world

How no matter how dark and thick the clouds are

The sun rises

At nights’ end hovels and burrows lure their masters away

It truly is just me and you

Its well past midnight

This October will be like no other

Your lips are as sweet as your eyes

“I love you”

It isn’t perfect, it doesn’t even begin to explain

That I’ve been looking for you

Wanted this

Plan on building around you

Plan on loving you forever

It’s only October

That was what feels like forever ago

Now my bags are packed

My heart is heavy

And instead of loving you, I miss you

Reminiscing about what was

Thinking about not coming back to a life where the sun doesn’t shine through the clouds

My “I love you” wasn’t perfect

I’ll sit by the window

Watch as the plane leaves the ground

Feel my eyes grow heavy with tears

“I love you”

This October will be like none other

Because even though I’m Thousands of kilometers away

I’ll still love you