Now Boarding 💺Pt. 4

Dublin to Stockholm

I will not lie to you dear reader, leaving my friends and leaving Ireland was very hard. My friends were going home. Home is Toronto, or Mississauga, or Brampton, the point is they were going home, and I was coming back to Finland. This I will write about, I’m happy I’m here, but there are times I wish I were home. I miss my bed, which is a proper size for me. I miss having a bathtub, I miss my friends, I miss that one person I’m not allowed to miss, I miss having a job, and I miss having more than one pot. Living out here has definitely made me more grateful for the things I have back home.

Okay, that is all the time I have for that. I woke up really early to make my flight, I left the hostel at 7:15 even though my flight was at 11:30am. I was a little relieved to be heading back to Finland because well I was on my last pair of boxers. Anyone who knows me knows that showering and being and smelling clean is extremely important to me. So going back to Finland allowed me to bathe and wash my clothes properly! But this is what I was leaving

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Getting to the airport is easy, and it’ll cost you about 7 Euros. The bottle of whiskey I bought cost me 42 Euros. Hey, I couldn’t leave Ireland empty-handed. So from Ireland, I’d be flying to Stockholm. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get to explore as my layover wasn’t long enough and I had a bottle of alcohol. You can’t bring liquids into the airports. What a world we live in eh? I will, however, be in Sweden in November when I go on a cruise, so I have that to look forward to.

My flight was delayed in Stockholm, so I spent my time reading Steven King’s IT. I don’t like clowns. The one high light I had was that I thought I’d lost my credit card and when I found it I left my phone on a table, and some nice lady returned it to me. Karma returned. That morning I paid for a girl to get on the bus because the bus driver in Dublin didn’t have change.

Stockholm to Helsinki to Jyväskylä

We made it back to Helsinki in what felt like 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough for me to catch the train, so I had to wait until midnight and take the bus. I met a Canadian on my way, he was studying Law in Ireland and was in Helsinki for the weekend. We’re everywhere, like a polite plague. I used google maps to get me to the bus station (Very proud of myself) then when I arrived in Jyväskylä at 3:15am I took a cab home.

Quite the journey. Everything in life is a lesson and sometimes… a lot of the time I forget that. I’ve never done anything like this before and really had to rely on myself for a lot of this. I didn’t die, I didn’t get sick, I made it when I needed help I asked, and I got from point A to B, and I’m proud of myself. It may not sound like a lot, but to me it is. I had confidence in myself for the first time in a long time, and it felt good. I’m susceptible to self-doubt but was I ever proud of myself.

I have the week of October 16-21 off. I was planning, still planning on going to Rome, Athens then Paris. I want to book the flights so I don’t have to pay for a hostel as I’m beginning to burn through the savings I brought over. Now I could do the responsible thing and clam the fuck down and just wait and go when my school bursary comes in but only time will tell. Either this trip will happen, or it’ll happen right before I come back home. I’m also coming back to Europe in May to visit my friends in Amsterdam/Harlem. So I might go exploring then, I don’t know. Here is what I do know,  traveling helped me in more than one way, planning these trips took my mind off things, and I love seeing the stamps in my passports. I want to experience it all, I want to do it all, I want full pages in my passport. I guess I’ve got the travel bug.

To my readers, where ever you come from thank you for reading and thank you for following. I promise that there will be another short story coming, 2 actually and most importantly, another adventure. I think this photo encapsulates what this adventure meant to me!

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