Coffee. Black. ☕️

Little brown droplets

Run along the side of my mug

Outside, snow listlessly falls to the ground

The sky void of any sunlight

I sit alone and in the dark

Dreaming about you

I’ve forgotten the sound of your voice

The embrace of your loving hug

One day I got a call

They said you were sick

I said nothing, you were strong, you’d be fine

You battled, fought tooth and nail

You won, but you’d carry that scare for the rest of your life

A sign of victory.

A sign of the resilience within

But sometimes life just isn’t fair

This time there’d be no road back

Terminal Cancer.

The finality of it never sunk in

I couldn’t help like you helped me

You were there for that first heartbreak

You were there when I fell in love again

You were there when I felt like an outcast

You got sick, and I couldn’t help

I watched you fight

As your body changed and betrayed you in every way

I couldn’t help, so I grew my hair when you lost yours

But you got sicker

And now I’m sitting here wishing I had one



Instead, I’m sitting in the dark

Drinking cold black coffee

Wishing I’d gotten a chance to say