The Late Night Thoughts of a Feverish Mind 🤒

I’ve been sick for about three days. I’ve had a fever (Still do) general soreness, mostly in my neck, night sweats, a sore throat and dizzy spells. Since the beginning of last year, I’ve gone through cycles of getting sick. To begin 2017, I got pneumonia after being outside in the freezing cold in basically a dry fit and a zip-up hoodie. Not my brightest moment, but after that, I got something called Norovirus, which is the worst form of food poisoning. After that, I had a cold and every now, and then I go into these sneezing episodes that just felt like shitty allergies. While away I got sick often, from fevers to what was later diagnosed as bronchitis and those pesky sneezing episodes.

Sounds like my immune system sucks huh? It does, and I don’t really know why I wouldn’t say I’m in tremendous shape (I’m not) But I do eat healthily and I do work out 3-5 times a week. I get a good amount of sleep, and if I don’t when I get home, I’m taking a nap. I’ve changed my diet to try and boost my immune system, but I keep getting sick. Yesterday I spent most of the day in the ER, because of the fever. I’ve had one since Thursday, along with dizzy spells, a sore throat and neck, night sweats and hot/cold spells. My fever was 39 degrees Celsius which for my American readers, who still haven’t adopted the metric system like the rest of the fucking world is, 102.2 (Sorry for the sass 🇨🇦) That’s high, so I was given an IV, told to chill and read my book. I felt way better leaving the hospital, but that changed quickly when I woke up in the middle of the night. When I have fevers, I have the most fucked up dreams. When I woke up I seriously thought I peed the bed, I was soaked, and my fever was back. The dream was, I was riding a horse in the desert (Off to a strong start)

I basically thought I was Vigo Mortensen riding Hidalgo, except instead of a sandstorm I was running away from, wait for it, a cresting wave of … condoms. What. The. Fuck. Anyway, I woke up soaked… and I’ve just set up a wet dream joke hahaha grow up.

Anyway It’s Sunday, January 21st, 2018 which means I have a few more months left with this blog, I don’t know I’ll I’ll continue with it. I mean I say this now, but I’m pretty sure it is the drugs talking. I read all the posts today, and I can see that I’ve changed in so many ways. Some things happened to me that I don’t think I will share, those are just for me and the small circle of important people. Perhaps I’ll share them eventually, but sometimes it’s best to say nothing than say something and regret it. I just felt my forehead, and it looks like tonight will be another uncomfortable sleep. I don’t have work today which is good because there were moments where I thought I was going to keel over and die yesterday. I’m going to go to the doctor and as someone said to me today “Pray that it’s not cancer.” If I feel up to it, I’ll add the pictures from Madrid and publish the post on

Monday. I miss Europe; I miss my friends, I miss being able to hop on a plane and going to a foreign country when I don’t speak the language and being able to find my way to my hostel. I knew this was coming and it is nice to be home, but I’d like nothing more than to just pack up and head out. But hey, I’m just a guy with a fever who’s going to publish his ramblings because sometimes unconstructed crap is a good thing.