Place Holder

Being replaced.

It’s a hard thing to watch.

It leaves you with questions,

Was I never good enough?

Did you ever love me?

Why can’t I replace you?

Why is it that even now, months after I find myself looking at that empty space on the left side of the bed?

When you see me what do you think?

What do you feel?

”Stop talking to boys who are bad for you.”

I didnt think we’d get here.

”You. Us.”

It rings through the night, and I’ve never felt as empty as I do right now.

”Hope that you’re gonna come home to me as soon as you’re able too.”

I keep knocking on the door

But no one’s home.

”I move a lot.”

I guess you moved, and maybe I should too.

But for now I think I’ll just sit here and take my time even though it hurts.

Even though I can feel it turning to anger and bitterness

I’m tired of taking the easy path.

Tomorrows a new day.